A Custom Roman Shade For Every Room

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1. Shades have cords; pull to raise. (BUT, Special Cords can be ordered if you have children - no way for children to get to cords, even if the shade is down. Cord is covered in a shroud and cannot be seen. See 2 photos.)

2. ALSO, you may choose a Cord Locking System (for personal preference only, not necessary to order) - Offered on each Roman

3. OR, try our  NEW Cordless System - Offered on each Roman (for personal preference only, not necessary to order). If you order this system, it comes with the childproof shrouded cords and a locking system. Refer to photo.

Scroll all the way down and read ALL information on each Roman.

Measure exactly - we'll adjust your measurements for a proper fit.

DOORS!!! Please ADD 2"- 4" to the width and 2"- 4" to the length!!!