#302 INFO  "Do You Make Wider Roman Shades?"

#302 INFO "Do You Make Wider Roman Shades?"

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We sure do! Up to 90" wide.

BUT, look at the reasons why you shouldn't order the wider romans:

1. With a wider Roman, it's likely that the fabric is going to be more wrinkled, just because it's harder to work with so much fabric.

2. A wider Roman will have a seam on both sides where the fabric was extended.

3. Wider Romans are much harder to put up because of the weight.

4. Wider Romans are hard to draw up, in some cases, because of the weight.

5. Wider Romans seem to loose some of their integrity, as far as being perfectly straight all the way across.

But, we'll do it for you, if you insist.  Just order any Roman you want, and although it says up to 50" wide, go ahead and enter your wider width, up to 90".

It takes twice the fabric, twice the lining, and more than twice the labor, and more shipping. So, here are the increases per Roman (the extra charge will be added onto your balance before shipping):

*51" - 60"...............add 50% more

*61" - 73"..............add 75% more

*74" - 80"..............add 95% more

*81" - 90"..............add 115% more  


If possible, order 2 Romans instead. Let us help you decide. Text me 256-347-4089 For instance, if you wanted a wide Roman with a monogram...you could order 2 Romans with a valance across both Romans with the monogram in the center of the valance.