#304 An Economical Burlap Shade  (tucks) YOU PAY  1/2  DOWN

#304 An Economical Burlap Shade (tucks) YOU PAY 1/2 DOWN

$ 44.00
Yes, I understand that what I am paying today is exactly 1/2 the price, I will be expected to pay the other 1/2 at shipping. Our 1/2 Price is not intended to fool or deceive. The 1/2 down payment allows some clients to buy our product that maybe could not otherwise. I also understand if I can not make the final payment when asked, that By Harrington will happily break it down into 4 easy payments for you.

PRICE IS $88.00

YOU PAY 1/2 DOWN $44.00

This Roman Shade is made from Plain Utility Burlap, Mounted on a 1 X 2 Board, and UNLINED

Measure Inside your window, the width and length. OR, you could measure outside your window. We only want to know the width you want the shade to be, and the length you want the shade to be. Also, can be mounted on a door as pictured. 

Made with a series of tucks across the back; for easy folding when drawn.