#183 Woburn Roman   (slats) YOU PAY  1/2  DOWN
#183 Woburn Roman   (slats) YOU PAY  1/2  DOWN
#183 Woburn Roman   (slats) YOU PAY  1/2  DOWN
#183 Woburn Roman   (slats) YOU PAY  1/2  DOWN

#183 Woburn Roman (slats) YOU PAY 1/2 DOWN

$ 99.00
Yes, I understand that what I am paying today is exactly 1/2 the price, I will be expected to pay the other 1/2 at shipping. Our 1/2 Price is not intended to fool or deceive. The 1/2 down payment allows some clients to buy our product that maybe could not otherwise. I also understand if I can not make the final payment when asked, that By Harrington will happily break it down into 4 easy payments for you.
We'll need to make the cord a little longer if over a Sink
No Cord System - If you check yes, you are agreeing to pay the $159.00 extra charge (to be collected before shipping) for this system, per Roman. There is a continuous chain that draws the shade, no cords. Allow 3 - 4 weeks when ordering this system.
Cord Locking System is an extra $50.00 (to be collected before shipping). It works like a venetian blind. Each Roman has cords, and although you would be using the cord locking system to lock the roman in place you will still have the contend with the cords, which the excess will be wrapped around a cleat (furnished). If you do not want cords visible on your romans, you might want to consider the NO CORDS SYSTEM.
NOTE: This system is NOT Necessary for your Roman, It is just personal preference.
As a precaution, when small children are in the home, we use a cord that is covered in a shroud (no loose cords) Free of charge!

 PRICE IS $198.00

YOU PAY 1/2 DOWN $99.00 and remainder of $99.00 at shipping

***Take 15% off of your Roman if it is smaller than 26" wide X 50" long... CODE: Smaller15

***Take 10% off your Roman if it is shorter than 50" long... CODE: Smaller10

Blackout Lined ONLY

Made with Wooden Slats across the back, so that the pattern on the front is uninterrupted; drawing up into perfect folds.

Fully Lined in Blackout