#082 Patterned Roman Mounted on your Rod  (slats)
#082 Patterned Roman Mounted on your Rod  (slats)
#082 Patterned Roman Mounted on your Rod  (slats)

#082 Patterned Roman Mounted on your Rod (slats)

$ 172.00
We'll need to make the cord a little longer if over a Sink
As pictured, your rod may only be about 1" in diameter, if so, enter 1". But your rod may be much larger. Just measure the diameter of your rod, not around it, but diagonally on the end. Enter your measurement.
We use Shrouded Cords, which means the cords are covered and cannot be "pulled out" from the shrouded. These cords are $15.00 extra per roman, to be collected at shipping with your balance. ALTHOUGH THESE CORDS ARE DESIGNED TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM A CHOKING HAZARD, CHILDREN SHOULD BE WATCHED AT ALL TIMES, THEREFORE WE RELINQUISH ALL RESPONSIBILITY TOWARD OUR PRODUCTS SAFETY.
When ordering more than one roman, you may want to add a LABEL., e.g. Bedroom, right window, Sunroom, middle window. This will help us and will help you when you receive them.

 PRICE IS $172.00

Made with Wooden Slats across the back, so that the pattern on the front is uninterrupted; drawing up into perfect folds. 

We need to know the exact width and length you want, since this will be mounted on your rod.

Even though it's mounted on a rod, it's still easy to draw and close.

***Had you rather this be mounted on wood for an inside mount or and outside mount, instead of on a rod? Then go to Roman #133. It's the same roman.

Fully Lined in Blackout

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