#244 YumYum Valance  YOU PAY 1/2 DOWN

#244 YumYum Valance YOU PAY 1/2 DOWN

$ 61.00
Yes, I understand that what I am paying today is exactly 1/2 the price, I will be expected to pay the other 1/2 at shipping. Our 1/2 Price is not intended to fool or deceive. The 1/2 down payment allows some clients to buy our product that maybe could not otherwise. I also understand if I can not make the final payment when asked, that By Harrington will happily break it down into 4 easy payments for you.

PRICE IS $122.00

YOU PAY 1/2 DOWN $61.00


Threads Through a Rod

Fits a Window 28" to 48", TYPE IN your measurements

Choose Length 16" to 28"

AVAILABLE in over 500 Fabrics. Look through all the Group A Fabrics, choose one, TYPE in the #, TYPE in the Name of Fabric. EASY! 

Price includes Fabric, Lining, & Labor

Swatch can be ordered for $3.00, text to order 256 347 4089