#6024 Arched Window Curtain

#6024 Arched Window Curtain

$ 425.00

Arched Window Curtain, 2nd Fabric is Optional, Comes with Tiebacks (Note: Because of the way this Curtain is made, it will puddle in the Floor, no doubt, on the Sides).

Wondering how to Install this; well, we've got you covered. We send the ROD (at no extra charge) to you with Instruction, Promise, Easy Installation!

Choose from any of our fabrics. Go back to our Home Page and scroll down to fabrics and choose one and enter in the appropriate blanks. OR, send us your fabric. If you want a 2nd fabric, we'll help you choose it. 

We also need Width of Window, and the Length from top of square window frame up to the top of Arch (measure in the middle of window). We also need the Length from the Side of Window to the Floor, not including Arch. Text me if you need further instructions, I understand that this may be confusing.


Price includes Fabric, Lining, Labor, ROD, & Shipping/Delivery in the South (other state, a minimal charge)