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We understand that "impulse buys" happen, and you may want to change your mind and want a refund.

Okay,...let me tell you what happens at By Harrington the moment that you place an order.

1. Fabric amount are figured.

2. We go through our fabric and if we don't have enough, the amount needed is immediately ordered.

3. Your order is then gone over, and all aspects of it are highlighted in different colors for emphasis.

4. Then, we make sure that we have all the "moving parts" needed, because all orders are different.

5. If you owe a balance, for instance, if you want lining added to an unlined roman, then we have to go online and create a bill, which you can access for payment.

6. Now, your order is drawn on paper for the one who actually sews your products, complete with measurements, with complete instructions on cutting, because, again, all orders are different.

7. Your order is then placed in a" ready file", in order as we receive them.

*If you cancel your order, then all that time is wasted; we have to try and cancel your fabric order, usually to no avail.

**So, if you cancel your order, we will refund your money in 15-30 days and we will charge a 10% fee, which is taken off the total paid. (If refunds are requested within 3 days, we will refund all of the charge, immediately)

***If you have received your product, and we have done something wrong, we will fix it! No problem! We will issue a pick up, at no cost to you, and remedy the issue immediately, and return to you promptly.

****If you still want to return, there will be a 20% charge off the total paid, and the board has to approve the return. Frivolous returns are not permitted. These are custom would we ever sell the product again?

*****If we allow a return, there is only a 50% monetary refund on added features, e.g. black-out lining, cords locks, etc.